Round or flat electrolytic copper or aluminum conductors with resin or paper insulations are used in the istribution transformers windings as conduction material.

About us

More than 30 years of know-how and experience is reflected in the transformers made by ASTOR Group. Our production in Istanbul and Ankara, with around 20000 Distribution Transformer manufacture capacity per year is based on high-quality production materials, and we place the highest emphasis in first-class workmanship.

Our new Factory Ankara is built in 2011 in a closed are if 40000 qm. With the Factory in Ankara (on 24000 qm closed area) MSA has been preferred by customers in over 50 countries.

Under MSA brands, we are producing economical, secure, long productive period, between 25 to 2500 kVA power interval, up to 36 kV voltage level distribution transformers, specific transformers might also be produced.

Under our MSA brand, we also produce cast resin dry-type distribution transformers with the options of natural air cooler (AN) or fan cooler (FA), between 25 to 2500 kVA power interval and up tp 36 kV voltage level.

Additionally, our facilities are capable of producing  transformers with power levels up to 150 MVA and voltage levels up to 220 kV.

Our main purpose is, to follow the technological improvements and manufacturing high quality products. We are production capacity and satisfaction of our customers.

We know that in order to improve our company, quality of products should be at the highest point and we should keep it there continously with our expert workers. Our goal is to work synergistically with customers and potential customers. The most important difference of us is we do not only want to sell our products to the other companies in this sector, but also we want to be a part of solution of these companies. Our basic and understanding is to consider the customer suggestions and potential problems for obtaining solutions.

ASTOR Group has the ISO 9001-2000 Quality System document and we can be successful not only national and international competition but also giving necessary after sale technical support. Our all activities consider improving / changing customer requirements and the customer satisfaction.

As a result of this, our company name and trade marks are known and reliable in Turkey and internationally.


With a grounded Quality Management System, MSA Power is both ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 Quality Management System certified. Our company is well on its way on becoming a global brand with its machinery park equipped with high technology and professional production staff and technical assistance personnel.
A leader and pioneer in the quality of service and products provided, ready for international competition, eager to use the highest technology and newest manufacturing techniques and environment-friendly MSA Power, without compromising from its work ethics, evaluates success based on the content of its clients. It provides fast, competitive products that meet their clients' expectations with a dynamic teamwork.

MSA Power, exports 60% of 

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