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1. Montage & start-up process

- According to customer needs, we can conduct the start-up process.

2. Accessories (Replacement parts/auxiliary equipment)

- According to customer requests we can provide auxiliary equipment when needed.

3. Maintenance and Field Service

- Our company is able to provide quick solutions to any problems within or without warranty coverage.
- According to the expertise report conducted both by our own experts and or independent experts, we are deciding whether the solution of the problem within or without the warranty coverage.
- We are also providing predictive maintenance service to industrial organizations according to their needs.
- We can conduct maintenance when our customers needed in accordance with the schedule plan which organized before.
- As Astor Transformer, we have all the equipment and specialists to conduct necessary periodic maintenance on the field.

4. Efficiency Analysis

- Our company can provide efficiency analysis and prepare reports to increase efficiency to our customers’ used transformers.

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