Tank Construction

Our tanks used to store and keep the cooling and insulation substance in oil type transformers, depending on their available cooling surfaces, are manufactured with corrugated walls for the transformers up to 3150 kVA rated power and equipped with radiator for those greater than 3150 kVA rated power.

CNC plasma shape cutting machine is used in tank production. After finishing the welding works and assembly of tank, it is tested for leakage under pressure in accordance with IEC standards. Tanks with corrugated walls are designed towithstand 0.65 bar vacuum pressure andtanks with radiators are designed towithstand 1 bar vacuum pressure. The finished tanks manufactured in accordance with the customers ' specifications are sandblasted afterwards.
Cover of the tank is designed in such a way that the winding terminals can go out. There are insulators, phase markings, lifting lugs for taking out the active part, thermometer pocket, grounding bushing and suplementary components on the cover of tank.
There is a possibility of coating the tanks with hot-dip galvanizing, when it is particularly requested to do so. Moreover, again upon request, there is another possibility of providing a safeguard made of sheet steel and assembled on the cover in order to cover and protect bushings pursuant to IEC standards.

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