Ferromagnetic Cores

It is of laminated core type and manufactured from silicon alloy sheet steels like M5, M4, M3, MOH and ZDKH with directed crystalline orientation (grain - oriented) and having thicknesses of 0.30 mm, 0.27 mm and 0.23 mm. The sheet steel cut to a mitered form of 45 degrees angle at the section where the magnetic flux passes are slitted into intended shape and stacked with CNC slitting machine and packed to form a magnetic circuit.
Cutting and packing operations for agnetic circuit are handled with a ethod known as step-lap which reduces iron losses to a minimum. The core is packed by applying step-lap method both crosswise and lengthwise.
The cross sections of leg and connecting cap piece are the same and multistepped and theoretically it is assumed to be round cross section.
Corelaminations , U - core and connecting cap piece are so compacted by way of steel studs passing through insulated bushings that the external sight of the them are kept minimum.

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